Rubbish Removal

Melbourne’s A1 Cheapest Rubbish Removal’s waste management solutions cater for domestic household junk, construction sites, industrial and commercial waste. We aim to recycle a great majority of the waste we collect. We are able to handle small volumes of rubbish as well as large scale volumes. We have the right equipment and resources to get the job done.


 Each mattress (and a base that looks like a mattress) costs $80.

Here is a step by step guide to splitting a mattress which means you will NOT have to pay the $30 surcharge!


mattress splitting 1. Using a knife – Cut the side of the mattress
mattress splitting 2. Pull back the material to expose the springs.
mattress splitting 3. Remove all of the material from one side
mattress splitting 4. Turn the mattress over and remove material from the other side
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